November 2022


IB Updates

IB hosts Association meetings in Americas and AEM regions


This year, in conjunction with IB Global Conferences in San Diego (USA) and The Hague (Netherlands), the IB hosted a meeting for regional Association members to discuss matters of importance and interest.

In July, at the San Diego conference, Associations met with various IB staff and attended breakout sessions related to their work. One area of emphasis was the IB’s commitment to strengthening existing relationships with Association partners and increasing engagement and collaboration. Haif Bannayan, IB Global Director of Business Development, introduced a new Development and Recognition region, IberoAmerica, which includes Spain, Portugal and countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, which were formerly part of either the Americas or AEM region. The IB hopes to capitalize on commonalities such as language and culture and potential economies of scale related to communication, resources and IBEN capacity to better serve needs in the region and strengthen government recognition of the IB. In addition, the IB held a breakout session in which Dr Michèle Rice, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), shared the IB’s commitment to DEI. Priority areas of DEI work in IB World Schools include:


● Integrating DEI considerations in recruitment, retention, compensation, inclusion policy/procedures, training and development (IBEN)

● Inclusion and well-being in the classroom

● Incorporating DEI in curriculum development

● DEI issues around international education

● How to facilitate community engagement on DEI issues

● Incorporating students’ voices


For the first time in the AEM region, the IB welcomed many of the leaders of the Associations from Africa, Europe and the Middle East to an in-person meeting held in October at the IB Global Center in The Hague. Colleagues met face-to-face with Association leaders to discuss ideas and new standards for engagement, important recognition innovations and updates, and challenges. IB Director General Olli-Pekka Heinonen shared his perspectives on the emerging realities of education and global change and how the IB is adapting to this new reality with key innovations and strategies.


In small groups, Associations discussed current challenges, including teacher training and staff turnover due to the global economic situation, and in some countries, the currency devaluation that is occurring. The participants agreed that these meetings are valuable for promoting mutual learning and growth, sharing best practices and mitigating challenges. All participants shared ideas for establishing clear communication channels between the Associations and the IB, ways to collate issues between Associations, the need to establish crisis teams for quicker reactions and the idea for a formal online community of Heads of Associations.


In small groups, Associations discussed current challenges, including teacher training and staff turnover due to the global economic situation, and in some countries, the currency devaluation that is occurring. The participants agreed that these meetings are valuable for promoting mutual learning and growth, sharing best practices and mitigating challenges. All participants shared ideas for establishing clear communication channels between the Associations and the IB, ways to collate issues between Associations, the need to establish crisis teams for quicker reactions and the idea for a formal online community of Heads of Associations.


The next gathering of Associations will be held in March before the IB Global Conference in Adelaide (Australia), and we will include a report on outcomes from the gathering in the April newsletter.


The IB is committed to supporting the continued growth of our valued community of Association leaders. To that end, the Development and Recognition team will meet each Association three times a year—twice with their Development and Recognition managers and once with their respective IBWS manager. With increased communication, sharing of priorities and strategizing to solve problems and capture opportunities, the IB is confident that our community will thrive worldwide.


Launching soon: New My IB feature


A new My IB feature will allow one member of your staff to register as an AIBWS Administrator. The AIBWS administrator will be able to manage contact information for your association in our system. To facilitate a smooth transition to the online database, we will hold a webinar for AIBWS administrators that demonstrates how to use the new functionality. As there can only be one AIBWS Administrator per association, we ask that you appoint a member of your association staff who will hold this role and send their name and email to Gergana Smit ( by 1 December. Please be sure to include your association name in the email.


If you have any questions about this new feature or need more information please reach out to Gergana Smit (  


Examination session updates


November 2022

The IB has expressed its appreciation for schools that undertook exams in the November session and congratulated students on their accomplishments. Read more.


May 2023

Assessments will return to the published model for all subjects and components for the May 2023 session. In addition, new definitive start times for Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme examinations will be introduced in the May 2023 assessment session, alongside moving to a three “exam zone” (previously called “time zone”) approach for setting the schedules.


Read the communication sent to DP/CP schools that will sit for M23 exams. A communication will be sent to DP/CP schools sitting for N23 exams in the new year.


Festival of hope

Launched in September, the Festival of Hope is an open invitation to bring issues that matter most in your life and your community to the foreground. No challenge is too small, and no idea for change is too ambitious. Standing up for the causes closest to our hearts is an act of hope and can provide the spark that inspires others to stand with us.


Learn more about the festival and how your association and member schools can participate.


Research: What makes IB teachers unique?

A newly published study aimed to identify the characteristics of IB teachers compared to non-IB teachers in eight jurisdictions across the world, using the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). Compared to TALIS teachers generally, IB teachers reported higher levels of self-efficacy in multicultural classrooms and indicated more engagement in student-centered and constructivist teaching practices.



New video captures the unique value of an IB education

As valued members of the IB community, you understand the tremendous benefits for students who participate in an IB education. The IB made this video to promote those values and benefits to a wide audience. The video features IB students and teachers who tell the story of how the IB prepares learners for a global future through its international focus and balanced and broad education.

Please share it with your school community, over social media or anywhere you think it might be helpful.



Diversity, equity and inclusion

Earlier this year the IB shared its new diversity, equity and inclusion statement. As we continue to deepen our DEI journey, we have joined with Association of International Educators and Leaders of Color, Ecolint and The Educational Collaborative for International Schools to establish an International School Anti-Discrimination Task Force. Dr Michèle Rice, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Fidelis Nthenge, Head of IB World Schools discuss the inaugural event they attended on our blog.



Association Updates


Asociación Andina de Colegios IB (AACBI) celebrates its 25-year anniversary

Location: Colombia

AACBI, a non-profit association of IB schools, just turned 25. Made up of 51 schools, our association is authorized by the IB to provide classroom-based and online training services for IB teachers. AACBI is also a member of Colombia’s National Board of Private Education and of Bogota’s District Board of Private Education.

AACBI offers a range of benefits for employees and students at its member schools, including:


● Preferential rates for teacher training, workshops, courses, seminars and conferences, as well as for participating in working groups and sharing experience with other IB schools

● Preferential admission, subject accreditation and scholarship programs at 25 Colombian universities

● Scholarships for teachers at local universities

● Access to databases and inter-library loans

● Financial awards for students from AACBI schools who score the highest marks on their Diploma Programme examinations

● Free access to sporting events organized by AACBI at both the national and local level


AACBI also works with universities to expand IB recognition throughout Colombia. To read updates on the agreements we have signed with Colombian universities, click on our link.


California Association of IB World Schools (CAWS) raises funds for service-learning project

Location: California

CAWS was proud to sponsor the first in-person IB Global Conference in three years. Close to 2,000 participants attended to exchange ideas and attend breakout sessions to help strengthen their IB programmes and network with IB colleagues. At the conference, the CAWS/IB service-learning project, in partnership with Comunidad de Apoyo San Diego, raised over USD 5,000 to support the medical costs for 5 uninsured patients. School leaders are invited to continue this project at their schools



In addition to the two in-person professional development sessions in Lake Tahoe planned for June 2023, CAWS is expanding its professional development opportunities with a virtual session and continues to offer virtual events to support our member schools. These include curriculum roundtables focused on programme- or subject-specific topics. One recent event gave coordinators and Heads of Schools the opportunity to discuss ways to support and induct new teachers in learning about the IB and IB philosophy as they begin their careers at IB World Schools. Look for information about our world class training opportunities and events on our website.



The Association of Central European IB Schools (ACES): Resilience in time of uncertainty

Location: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia


ACES continues to hold successful Virtual Professional Learning Network (VPLN) meetings and has welcomed three new Balkan schools in the association.


In March, IB Director General Olli-Pekka Heinonen participated in the ACES Annual General Meeting. The discussion highlighted the need for ACES schools to reaffirm their commitment to helping make the world a better place. School leaders from two IB World Schools in Ukraine, Pechersk International School and Private Secondary and High School Gymnasium A+, shared with the group how they are holding their school communities together online.


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had a significant impact on many of our 36 member schools across 12 Central, Eastern and Southern European countries. For many school faculty and staff, Russia's invasion of Ukraine brings back personal memories of "brotherly" interventionism in their countries of origin. Thus, ACES schools have acted to meet the needs of students from both sides of the conflict. For example, Polish schools in Warsaw and Wroclaw accepted large numbers of Ukrainian refugees. In Serbia, schools accepted large waves of Russian refugees.  Many of the schools began hiring Ukrainian refugee teachers to help address the academic and well-being needs of Ukrainian students, including finding accommodations and providing financial, wellbeing and language support. Often, Russian and Ukrainian students and staff in our schools stand together to declare their abhorrence to the war and their devotion to building bridges.



Chong Wa International Baccalaureate Schools Association (CISA) organizes a PYP- early years activity

Location: China


In May, CISA sponsored a special online “Cloud Visit” entitled Cultivating a Localized IB Programme, Empowering the Learning Community. The event, co-organized by Golden Apple Preschool Education Group, one of CISA’s founding members, included keynote speeches from IB experts, lightning talks from IB educators and roundtable forums. Educators from different regions carried out in-depth exchanges around curriculum implementation, school management and culture, and localization. The event received more than 10,000 online visitors. It was a sincere and important dialogue on IB education development and it offered educators and parents an opportunity to work together for the high-quality development of early childhood education.



In July, the IB and CISA held an online event for the launch of the PYP/MYP Integration Guidance Documents. Stefanie Leong, IBAP Head of Development, congratulated CISA for the launch of the documents and recognized the team efforts and participation from IB World Schools that contributed to their development. The documents provide practical curriculum and discipline integration samples and standards for IB World Schools in China and will support the solid implementation and sound development of PYP and MYP in China. The launch event represents a new stage in localization research of IB education and will promote the growth of IB World Schools in Greater China.





Asociación Ecuatoriana de Colegios con Bachillerato Internacional (ASECCBI) celebrates its 15-year anniversary

Location: Ecuador


n October, ASECCBI celebrated 15 years of serving our educational community, developing strategies aimed at communicating, guiding, training, promoting cooperation between schools and universities, and managing professional development events that promote the IB philosophy throughout Ecuador.


To commemorate this anniversary, on Monday 3 October 2022 we held the following two discussion groups, led by Ms. Marie Vivas, IB Senior Development Manager and head of university liaison:


● The fourth industrial revolution – The IB prepares its pupils for the world of the future

● University discussion group: Collaborative work between universities and schools


Approximately 547 participants from universities, schools and strategic partners signed up for the event, including school principals, vice-chancellors, PYP, MYP and DP coordinators, advisors and college counselors from 58 member schools.


IB Directory General Olli-Pekka Heinonen sent his congratulations via video.


We rounded off ASECCBI’s 15-year anniversary celebration with a ceremony commemorating our national and international achievements and our commitment to high-quality education, excellence and pedagogical leadership, all of which have enabled us to earn the trust and support of Ecuador’s IB schools.



IB Schools in Egypt Association (IBSEA)

Location: Egypt


Growing and Sustaining IB Communities: How schools in Egypt beat pandemic odds to bring together a rapidly expanding IB population


The pandemic compelled us all to embark on a quest to discover new meanings and solutions. IB advocates across the region have always demonstrated courage and stoic resilience, working together to navigate challenges. To continue good work for the IB in Egypt during this very challenging time, and spurred on by a principled commitment and drive that was endemic throughout our community, we created IBSEA. We are proud of our swift response to the call of IB educators throughout the nation, and by aligning Egypt’s needs, we ignited a new vision for IB in the country. As the world returns to normalcy, we are excited that IBSEA can now run in-person events for teachers, students and the wider community. We look forward to hosting our IBSEA Connected event this November and we strongly encourage all IB World Schools to get connected, and stay connected, by joining their Association and actively participating in meetings and events.



Written by Ghada Dajani - IBSEA President



Association des Écoles du BI au Maroc (AEBIM) gives students the opportunity to share and connect

Location: Morocco


AEBIM organized several events this year around the theme Service as Action. In May, several AEBIM member schools organized an afternoon of sharing, where students had the opportunity to present their outreach service activities and initiatives to help those in need. Participating students also presented and discussed the various activities organized during the year. These service actions enable IB students to develop solidarity and empathy and reinforce their IB learner profile qualities.


The AEBIM member schools also met at the la Direction Régionale de la Culture's exhibition hall in Casablanca to exhibit outstanding artistic works produced by our talented students. The works focused on various artistic subjects and concepts including landscapes, still lifes, reproduction of classic myths and abstract paintings. This day was an opportunity for our budding artists to exchange and share their artistic and creative experiences with their peers and parents, who were also invited to the event. It was a beautiful moment of sharing and discovery.



Asociación de Colegios IB de México’s (IBAMEX) “IBAMEX Wednesdays” offer IB educators a sense of community

Location: Mexico


“IBAMEX Wednesdays”, launched during the pandemic, were created to offer our IB community a sense of belonging and coherence. Every other Wednesday, teachers and administrators from all over the country connect through video conference to discuss pre-selected topics around programme implementation. It has proven to be an effective and easy way for schools to connect, share best practices, coach and mentor new IB community members and support each other. This has given the Mexican IB community cohesion and sense-making collaboration.



Mid-Atlantic Association of IB World Schools (IBMA) hosts first in-person events in two years.

Location: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia


Each year, IBMA offers an IB Bootcamp, a one-day training for teachers new to IB who have either not had the opportunity to attend official IB training or who would like additional resources. This year we hosted two sessions—one in person and one virtual. Over 200 teachers from across the IB continuum attended the in-person Bootcamp, and 300 attended the virtual session. The feedback from teachers and coordinators was overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to hosting both sessions again next year. The Bootcamp format has proven to be an invaluable resource for first-year IB teachers who need support.


In addition, IBMA brought back our annual College Fair. The event has been small and virtual the past two years, but we were excited to host an in-person College Fair this year. Over 115 colleges and universities were represented, and approximately 1,000 students and families from across the Mid-Atlantic region attended. Students talked with representatives from colleges around the world and attended sessions on financial aid, scholarships, community colleges and the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) experience.





IB Association of Rocky Mountain Schools (IBARMS) to host conference on equity, access and the continuum

Location: Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico


We are excited to be hosting an IB conference—The International Baccalaureate: Equity, Access and the Continuum. IBARMS believes that all students are entitled to a student-centered, personalized and customized educational experience. This conference will be an opportunity for IB leaders and educators to share how to empower and remove barriers for educators and how students can take ownership of their IB education in a dynamic global environment. It will be held at Discovery Canyon High School in Colorado Springs from March 23-25. Registration for the event is open to everyone.



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