• Guangzhou International Primary/Middle School Huangpu ZWIE

    Guangzhou International Primary/ Middle School Huangpu, ZWIE is a nine-year unified school with international characteristics and practice of holistic education. As a model school for Chinese students to practice global competence, it is one of the few schools in Guangzhou authorized by IB with both the PYP and MYP programmes. It has become a benchmark school for practicing whole-person education in South China. As the practice school of HEC course, the school actively explores the whole-person education and teaching system with Chinese characteristics, implements the national curriculum with high quality, and cultivates students' holistic development for the future, helps students to gain more diverse opportunities for further study. 

    The school uses the whole-person education and teaching system with Chinese characteristics developed by ZWIE. This system brings together the nearly 20 years of education accumulation of the ZWIE Education Group, integrating the essence of Chinese education and the advanced educational concepts and teaching methods of the world today, and exploring the whole-person education model "which is more suitable for Chinese students" in terms of education objectives, curriculum construction, classroom teaching, educational evaluation, learning community construction, teacher professional developments and other aspects.

    The school is not only a base for provincial research in Guangdong Province, but also a model school for the practice of "Global Competence Development" for Chinese students. In this school year, built on its sporting characteristics as a "Guangdong Basketball Promotion School" and a "National Youth Football Special School", the school will accelerate the spread of its aesthetic education achievements as a "Smart Viola Model School". At the same time, the school has officially become the first demonstration base school in China for the "Chinese Martial Arts Medicine in Schools" project.

    School website: http://zdfus.czwie.com/
    Consultation email: zhaipeiqi@czwie.com
    Telephone: 020-62987890