• Golden Apple International Preschool and Kindergarten

    Golden Apple International Preschool and Kindergarten (IPAK) is the flagship kindergarten of the Golden Apple Preschool Education Group, which was established in 2000 and covers an area of 4,500 square meters. In May 2013, it became the first PYP kindergarten accredited by IB in Western China.

    The students and staff come from different countries and regions. The management staff is experienced in education. IPAK implements the IB PYP curriculum and is facilitated by a team of professional PYP teachers, both overseas and Chinese, creating a multicultural atmosphere that is committed to developing internationally minded, lifelong learners. IPAK has established a comprehensive professional development policy and system to support the continuous development of teachers with different developmental needs. In addition to sending 20% of the teachers to participate in IB workshops both at home and abroad each year, it holds more than 10 in-school workshops each semester to enable faster and higher professional development.


    School's official websitehttp://www.jpgkids.com
    Email:   674557928@qq.com
    Telephone number: 028-85237403