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How can PE and the Arts, as stand-alone subjects, achieve effective integration with the Chinese and Western elements in the trans-disciplinary inquiry of PYP under the new CNC curriculum standards of 2022? In the newly released IB PYP Integration Guidance, the Primary section of Guangdong Country Garden School provides its own answer.





In the breakout session of the forum titled " Modernization of School Curriculum: The Chinese Path” -- 2022 International Education Development Forum ", held on the afternoon of Dec. 8, 2022, Josie Wang, Deputy Principal and Donna Luo, Teaching Director of Primary Section of Guangdong Country Garden School, gave a more detailed interpretation.





Josie Wang: Deputy Principal of the Primary Section of Guangdong Country Garden School, PYP Coordinator, IB PYP official workshop leader, visitor and consultant.




Donna Luo:Teaching Director of the Primary Section of Guangdong Country Garden School, 14 years of practical experience in IB PYP, presenter in the session of the 1st IB China Education Forum(IBCEF).



This breakout session mainly covers the following aspects:






Feasibility of integration





In line with the trans-disciplinary nature of the PYP framework, the IBO believes that the curriculum framework provides space for teaching the programme in accordance with local regulations. It is not only feasible but also necessary to use the national curriculum teaching material system based on the new curriculum standard to implement the integrated curriculum.








How to integrate PE and the Arts





Schools can focus on these four aspects; curriculum standards, curriculum setting, POI and UOI, to carry out interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary integration.






Take the " Children around the world" unit of inquiry in Guangdong Country Garden School Primary Section as an example:

At the beginning of the planning of the unit, it clearly stated the core qualities that the unit needs to develop in PE: sports ability and sports character.




At the same time, the development of specific objectives such as walking skills, resistance to adversity and teamwork are integrated into the lessons before, during and after the trip to Hainan.




Let’s take the integration of "Lullaby" in the national music textbook of the Primary Section of Guangdong Country Garden School as another example; the integrated teaching design is as follows:




The integration based on knowledge, understanding and skills is as follows:




The teacher drives the teaching through the key question: "What is a lullaby?" Through the comparison of two different forms of "lullaby", students find its core characteristics; they understand and express the mood and style of lullabies through singing and playing, while their performance becomes the summative assessment assignment for this class. During the class, students could choose their own musical instruments, actively express their opinions and work in teams, which reflects their choice, voice and ownership.







How to support the subject integration





Schools can support the implementation of subject integration through teachers' self-learning,  collaborative planning, official IB and governmental professional development training and resource base construction.




The road of integration is built on the deep understanding and active practice of the new curriculum standards and PYP. The sharing of Guangdong Country Garden School makes this road clearly visible. In the future, there will certainly be more cases of excellent integration in various schools implementing PYP.





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