Kunshan Kang Chiao School, was formally introduced to Mainland China by the invitation of the People’s Government of Kuanshan in 2012. We opened a new school of 15 years education which aims to provide a culturally stimulating environment for students in China. The newly founded school opened its door to students from kindergarten, primary, junior and senior high school in September 2014.

    Kang Chiao provides a coherent learning experience from our kindergarten to high school by utilizing innovative pedagogical methods based on a balanced international curriculum.Kang Chiao Elementary school Language Arts Curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core State Standards are a common set of literacy standards used to guide assessment and instruction in most States in the United States.

    Kang Chiao Junior High School runs the dual-track system named Bilingual and Domestic, the two types of classes are interchangeable.



    mailbox: kangqiao@126.com

    Tel: 0512-82699000